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Skilled Nursing

Each patient is evaluated and a plan of care is developed by our skilled staff depending on the medical diagnosis (CVA, CHF, Diabetes, Renal Failure, etc.). In the plan of care‚ these skilled services with plan of treatment also maintain goals to be achieved. Skilled nursing services include blood pressure monitoring, diabetes treatment, wound care, medication management, disease process teaching including nursing assessment and awareness.

Home Health Aides

Assist patients with personal care needs.These include bathing, grooming, dressing, feeding, toileting, routine hair and skin care. Home Health Aides may also assist with light meal preparations and with transfer or ambulation.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists evaluate and treat patients medical needs, developing individualized exercise programs, and also focus on patient education while enhancing the awareness, involvement, and commitment so crucial to the achievement of rehabilitation goals. These include strength training, gait-training exercises to enhance circulation and relax stiff joints, re-education of muscle function and modalities and techniques to reduce pain. These also include rehabilitation after surgeries such as knee replacement, hip replacement or other joint replacement.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists assist individuals with impaired functional performance that interferes with their daily activities. This type of therapy may concentrate on such areas as dressing, bathing, general grooming, feeding techniques, cognitive retraining and home management. Through this therapy, patients can improve their ability to care for themselves and discover a more independent lifestyle.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapists assist patients with needs such as communication problems or swallowing, (e.g., choking and coughing during meals). These therapists evaluate and develop individual care plans for each patient. Some of these include language exercise to improve motor skills, oral communication, word articulation, dysphagia treatment (for swallowing disorders), auditory/language reception and memory training.

Medical Social Workers

Assist patients with individual needs for community supported assistance programs such as financial assistance or application for Medicaid assistance. Medical Social Workers assist patients with personal information and education with living wills, DNR, etc.

To receive home health services an individual who is on Medicare must have a condition requiring medical attention with skilled needs, be taxing effort to leave home, and be under a physician´s care. Traditional Medicare pays 100% of qualified costs. Medicare HMO and other private insurance coverage varies.

Our ultimate goal is for each patient to have a purposeful and productive life with respect to his or her personal and emotional needs. We provide care for the elderly who want to remain as independent as possible for a temporary recovery or for lifelong alternative goals. We maintain respect, compassion and the highest level of patient confidentiality with our care. Our patient´s health, peace of mind and speedy recovery is our utmost concern.

Top 10 Physical Therapists in Sherman, TX 2015
Congratulations to Texlma’s Homehealth Experts for winning the 2015 Patients' Choice Awards in Sherman Physical Therapy
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